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Our Story

With over a decade each of media production and social media management experience between them, Sean Mannion and Nicole Solomon decided to combine their skills as 4MileCircus in early 2016. Sean and Nicole had developed a strong working relationship while teaching together on I Was There Film Workshops for soldiers and veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, which they built on during production of Sean’s feature film, Meme, on which Nicole served as Art Director. As I Was There began to wind down, Sean and Nicole found themselves in search of a new project and decided that collaborating would serve both themselves and their potential clients better than going it alone. Sean established the name 4MileCircus for his video production company  in 2012,  and he and Nicole decided they'd take that name for their expanded joint venture. With a list of clients already lined up including bands, podcasts, production companies, independent films, and non-profits, 4MileCircus as we currently know and love it was born.

Sean Mannion was raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Prior to moving into media production he spent years working in local and state politics and enterprise level software-as-a-service development and support. He moved to Brooklyn in 2008 and immediately began working in independent video production. Sean has worked as everything from a set PA to a red carpet videographer and from reality show tape logger to short film visual effects editor. He has written and directed over a dozen short films and has lent his hand to many more films and series beyond that. He has worked extensively with social media for the promotion of his projects and those he’s supported over the years with a strong presence on all major platforms. His first feature, Meme, is currently in post-production.

Nicole Solomon was raised in Ithaca, New York. She has worked extensively within the not-for-profit sphere in education, media production, and development. Nicole has a Masters’ in Film from City College of New York and has worked on many features, short films, and web series in a variety of production capacities. Her short film, Small Talk, enjoyed a successful festival run and won multiple awards. Her directing credits also include the horror short Mare, a segment of the Bring Us Your Women anthology project, and the upcoming short Sanctuary (co-directed with Small Talk DP Jeanette Sears). She has been in the trenches of social media promotion since the MySpace era working with bands, filmmakers, not-for-profits, and companies to promote themselves and build their following.