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Nicole’s Recommended Holiday Viewing

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Here is some seasonal content that I recommend. Lemme know if you have any good NON-XMAS December holiday content to recommend as pickin’s are slim. I’m not going to watch that Adam Sandler Chanukah movie to make sure it’s not a thing I like. Here’s my grudgingly Xtian-centric list for 2017. All Beverly Hills, 9010 Xmas […]


The 4MileCircus Episode 11: The Halloween Special

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    In our eleventh episode, 4MileCircus partners Sean Mannion and Nicole Solomon celebrate Halloween by talking about our mutual love of horror movies and our own spooky film projects including Small Talk, Beneath the Black Moon, and the brand new, just-released-on-the-same-day-as-this-episode horror short, Mare. We also offer a very special social media tip on […]