Crowdfunding Pick Of The Week: Sylphvania Grove

Sylphvania Grove Pitch Video from Rebekah Fieschi on Vimeo.


We saw Rebekah Fieschi’s marvelous short Mauvaises Têtes at 2016’s Ax Wound Film Festival and are thrilled to see that she’s now crowdfunding for a follow up film, Sylphvania Grove. Check out and follow their campaign on Seed & Spark.


Mycena doesn’t fit in at school and her parents are never home, she finds refuge only in her books and fantasy stories, pushing away her caring babysitter, Kim. Once night has fallen and all the lights in the house are shut off, Mycena secretly sneaks under the blankets and begins to read. A magical being pops out of her book and beckons her to follow it into the woods where she will make a fantastic discovery.

Inclusion Statement

Five of our six characters are female, including the ten-year-old lead. We want to help empower young girls and contribute to fair gender representation on screen, especially in the fantasy genre. Our writer/director and much of the crew are also women.

Read more about the film and campaign. Even in you can’t make a financial contribution, it helps to follow on Seed & Spark and spread the work!



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