Small Talk with Ed Sacco (Tim)

This October leading up to Halloween, we at 4MileCircus are revisiting the production of Small Talk. We will be adding new special features to the deluxe edition and running a series of reflections here on the blog from writer/director Nicole Witte Solomon and others who made this oddly enduring horror flick.

Ed Sacco is a talented voiceover actor who quickly vaulted from auditioning for “Hang Up Caller #1” to playing the meatier role of Al’s regular client, Tim. Although he never appears on screen, Sacco clearly left his mark on the film! We liked him so much that we also asked him to narrate the alternate, “grindhouse” trailer for the film.

Who are you, and how would you describe your role in Small Talk?
My name is Ed Sacco and I’m a voice over artist located in Denver Colorado.  My role in Small Talk was the character Tim.  Tim had some very specific tastes and ideas in his erotic fantasies.
I was also very fortunate to also voice the Grind House Trailer for Small Talk.
Al (Manini Gupta) talking to Tim (Ed Sacco) while wearing “satin pants and white mules.”
Do you have a main memory of making Small Talk? Either a specific moment or an overall impression.

I originally responded to a Craigslist post looking for “noises” (you know phone sex horror movie).  I did my takes and sent in the audio.  I think the 15 takes of “noises” I sent to Nicole must have really made an impression, because she offered me a speaking role.

We then discussed doing the Grind House style trailer.  This gave me an excuse to watch the old 70’s and earlier 80’s  horror movie trailers like the original “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” and “Last House on the Left” over and over again.
What’s your favorite phone sex and/or horror movie?
“Dial M for Murder” is a hoot!  As far as my favorite horror movie, thats tough. I had the type of childhood where my mom would set me loose in a video store (yes thats VHS and yes, i’m old) and I would always rent 2 to 3 horror movies at a time.  But as far as my favorite, something that provokes visceral fear even though I’ve watch in at least 50 times is the original “Poltergeist”.  As a kid that movie scared the shit out of me.  It took years for me to actually walk up to and climb into bed.  Instead of the flying leap to avoid “what lies underneath.”
What are you up to right now? 
Just talking to myself in my padded cell.  But people pay me for that, who would have thought.
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