The 4MileCircus Episode 25: Late Cambrian (Part 2)

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John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui of Late Cambrian join us for the thrilling conclusion of our two part interview in our 25th episode! We discuss the Pledge Music funding platform, creative crowdfunding incentives, John’s recent work with Tracy Bonham (re-recording her seminal The Burdens of Being Upright album as Modern Burdens), and Olive’s YouTube series New York Real. We also play a rousing game of trivia

Nicole also shares a social media tip about actually listening to the people with whom you work, and we all play a rousing round of trivia kind of about the number 25.

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Sarah (Schoofs)
Maybe Sunshine
Tracy Bonham:
Modern Burdens:
Sadie Dupois
Tanya Donnelly
Kay Hanley
Kathryn Calder
Rachael Yamagata
Nicole Atkins
Angie Hart
In the Year 2525
Coney Island VR Ride

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