2018 Year In Review!

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2018 was a busy year at The Circus! We kicked off January with a cast and crew screening of Sean Mannion’s Meme, the first full length feature film to come out of 4MileCircus, at Videology (RIP). In January we were also deep into preproduction for It’s Normal, having our first full cast script read through […]


Podcast of the Week: Citations Needed

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There are a million political podcasts out there, and you really don’t need to listen to most of them. We all have too much noise to contend with as it is. Citations Needed, hosted by media analysts Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson, is one show that can actually cut through the racket and help make […]

Podcast of the Week

Podcast of the Week: Switchblade Sisters

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Presumably named for the ’70s girl gang exploitation flick, Switchblade Sisters is a delightful new podcast from Maximum Fun on which women talk about genre films. Each episode features host April Wolfe (who was also a film critic at LA Weekly until last week’s brutal staff layoffs following the paper’s purchase by Semanal Media,) in conversation with […]