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4MileCircus is the full cycle media services company offering promotion, consulting, and video production and post-production services for artists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits looking to take their projects to the next level. From conception through promotion, we’ve got you covered.


As a small business owner in the midst of a career change, I needed fast and accurate guidance regarding the latest social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook for business, LinkedIn, etc.), their respective pros/cons, and which I should focus on learning and/or leveraging first. Nicole at 4MC was instrumental in helping me understand the strengths and challenges of each so I could be better prepared to use them casually or for business purposes. Her patience, good humor, relevant examples, deep knowledge of the various platforms, and ability to tailor the lesson to me in the moment were invaluable. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to really understand or improve their social media skills!

T. B., Web Designer and Business Owner, NYC

This workshop works. Their clear step by step instructions demystified social media for my company, and gave us a blueprint for success that is still relevant a year later. I would highly recommend this service for anyone who needs a thorough understanding of social media and crowdfunding.

Myles Austin, Gateway Counseling Center

This workshop gave me new hope for future crowd funding ventures. Although my last attempt was a headache, I’m looking forward to trying again equipped with the right techniques.

Heidi Moore, Director Dolly Deadly

4MileCircus provided an insightful, well-organized, and highly engaging presentation for attendees of the Ax Wound Film Festival. The audience was immediately comfortable asking questions and received genuinely thoughtful and knowledgeable responses. Nicole and Sean are down-to-earth and approachable leaders who created a deeply personable experience that allowed attendees to leave with practical steps to move forward.

Hannah Neurotica, Founder, Ax Wound Film Festival

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