Need video production help? Not sure how to harness the power of social media to build your brand? Curious about crowdfunding your project? 4MileCircus offers a range of services, from video production to consultations, social media marketing trainings to account management, all at price points to fit your budget.

Video Production Services

From script consultation through post-production finalizing, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. 

Pre-Production Consulting

Including consultation on script, budget, casting, crewing, and equipment.

Starting at: $1000

Pre-Production A La Carte Services

Script Consultation, Production Design, Budgeting, and More

Starting at: $250

Production Services

Need a video produced? From pre-production through promotion we can shepherd your project through its lifecycle.

Starting at: $2500

Production A La Carte Services

Audio recording, VFX Supervising, Directing, and Art Direction

Starting at: $250 per day

Basic Post-Production Services

Video edit, simple sound edit and mix, simple titles, and basic color correction.

Starting at: $1500

Advanced Post-Production Services

Video edit, sound edit and mix, motion graphics title, visual effects, color correction and grading.

Starting at: $3000

Post-Production A La Carte Services

Video editing (no color, titles, or sound editing), VFX, Motion Graphics Titles, and Sound Editing 

Starting at: $1000

Advanced Audio File Cleaning

Need to clean up some of your dialogue files but don't seem to have the tools to get what you're looking for? Let us help you salvage your audio. 

Starting at: $25 per file

Crowdfunding and Social Media Services

Need help getting your crowdfunding campaign off the ground or building your social media audience for yourself or your project? We offer a range of services to help you with that.

1-on-1 Trainings and Consultations

A primer on social media and/or crowdfunding techniques.

Starting at: $250

Social Media Management

Managing social media profiles for your brand.

Starting at: $500 per month

Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Managing your campaign and outreach.

Starting at: $1000 per month

Social Media Audit

A review of your current usage of your social media profiles and advice for improvement.

Starting at: $100

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Rent Our Gear

Have your team together for your shoot but still missing some gear? We make ours available to rent in the New York City area when we're not putting it to use on a shoot. Including DJI Ronin gimbal stabilizer, Atomos Shogun Flame monitor/recorder, and our light kits. Check our page at Kitsplit for what's available.