Watch New Horror Short “Mare” NOW! (Happy Halloween!)

Happy Halloween! As a special spooky treat, we are releasing a brand new horror short from the 4MileCircus family today, for free, online!



Mare is a horrifying 5 minute riff on a creepy Germanic myth starring 4MC partner Sean Mannion and up and coming scream queen Sarah Schoofs (Meme, Gut, Phobia). It was directed by 4MC partner Nicole Solomon and shot by Jeanette Sears (Small Talk, Beneath the Black Moon). Mannion and Solomon co-wrote and produced with production help from Myles Austin, Frank Huang, and Christina Raia. Special thanks to Elijah Oberman and Shawn Setaro for miscellaneous crucial assistance.

We hope you dig it. Happy viewing and have a spooktacular Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Watch New Horror Short “Mare” NOW! (Happy Halloween!)

    1. There is no dialogue or music and little sound in this film, but yes, great point. Thank you for posting.

      EDIT: We have added captions for the audio cues and have been going through older videos and adding captions. Thanks for the nudge.

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