ADD A PHOTO! Or video, or something

You have probably heard the cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That concept is pretty relevant when you’re on twitter dealing with 140 character maximums.

Whether you’re on twitter or facebook or ello or some other Godforsaken flash in the pan or next big thing I haven’t even heard of yet, a simple social media rule of thumb: if you can add an image, do it. Basically always.

Tweets with an image attached tend to get more engagement for reasons obvious and less so. An image obviously draws the eye and can enhance your brief missive immeasurably, but it also encourages the reader to click your post to see the full image (or images. Twitter lets you add up to four and facebook has all kinds of photo album and slideshow options for showcasing multiple pics.) On facebook in particular, images seem to help juice your posts within their annoying algorithm–FB favors posts that feature native content (anything additional that people can look at without leaving the site!) because they want to be to now what AOL was to the ‘90s–the prism through which the majority of users experience the internet. If FB had its druthers, you would never go to another website. And now that we all have scary totalitarian images in our heads of a dystopian FB-prison future…well, you can always focus your efforts on twitter.

Point being, if you’re going to be using these platforms, use them to their best advantage. Getting in the habit of adding images to posts will only help your social media game. So give it a whirl and note the results.
Want some advice on how to most effectively use images in your social media posts without spending all day searching for appropriately sized, compelling images that have something (anything) to do with your posts? Just want to pass that task on to someone else? We can help with all of that. Shoot us an email, we’ll try to help. 

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