Consistency Is Key


Want dedicated followers on any platform? Consistency is key. Post regularly, on a schedule you can comfortably maintain, and keep your content on-message. You get to decide what that message is, though! So if your “brand” is gore gifs, kitten photos, and vegan recipes you should 1. definitely follow me and tweet/msg/whatever me because we share the same interests and are secret twins and also 2. do you. Your social media “brand” should be a version of you, one with which you are comfortable and can genuinely, enthusiastically engage. Since Social Media Is Social and not just self promotional, you may as well share info you think is interesting, and will attract followers who share your interests. That will make posting regularly and consistently all the more feasible, and followers will have a sense of what they’re in for.

On the other side, if your brand is mostly sleeping baby portraits, exercise selfies, and inspirational memes with no horror content whatsoever, it is probably not the best idea to share that awesome, classic, Scanners head explosion clip as it may traumatize the audience you have so carefully cultivated. I mean, send it to me, as I am ALWAYS up for that clip, but you have good reason to guess that most of your audience is not. At the same time, I know I said “do you,” so if sharing the Scanners clip is how you stand in your truth, just please add a trigger warning/content note and make sure that shit doesn’t autoplay.

You want to keep most of those followers you’ve built up, right? Then keep your content consistent in tone, theme, and frequency. That’s how you keep your followers coming back for more.

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