Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: Save Film Threat

Save Film Threat!

Film Threat was an indelible film zine turned professional magazine turned website that covered all types of independent film. I (Nicole) read Film Threat regularly in middle and high school. It helped usher me in to wide wide, weird world of low-budget indie film. I still have some stickers they sent me (along with a glow in the dark key chain!) after I wrote to them asking if they’d review my zine–they seemed too precious to stick on anything. I was too chicken to send my zine, but it felt awesome to know I could, and to feel so welcomedas a nerdy kid in upstate New York by Film Threat, which adored art films and b movie trash with equal passion, just as I did. This was before I had regular internet access. Getting some stickers and a personalized letter from a cool magazine was a big deal.


Decades later, Film Threat was one of the very first places to review my horror short Small Talk. I was so nervous to read the review, especially since Small Talk is exactly the sort of weirdo flick that Film Threat tended to prize. If they thought it was crap, that–unlike the rejection from more mainstream tastemakers of which I’d grown used–would hurt. I was relieved by the thoughtful, thorough review the film received–they hated the ending, but loved everything else. As it, literally said that other than the end, they “loved everything about this movie.” That validation still means more to me than I know how to express.


Which is part of why, selfishly, I want Film Threat to come back. That review is no longer available online, as Film Threat is no longer operational. I want to be able to link that goddamn review again!


Learning from the mistakes of past attempts at crowdfunded resurrection, FT founder Chris Gore has launched a new, ambitious Kickstarter campaign to bring Film Threat and its massive archives back online, as well as launch both a podcast and an app. Sounds good to me. Film Threat has always been a friend to truly independent filmmakers, and I hope those of us who can afford to can be friends in return, whether by backing or just spreading the word.

Check out their Kickstarter page for more info on the campaign and Film Threat past, present and future, including some rewards that will be of special interest to indie filmmakers looking to get the word out about their projects.

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