Is Your Instagram Profile Optimized?

While many social media platforms attempt to be all things to all people, in the end each of these platforms is somewhat unique. Thus, one’s presence on each needs to be tailored to the specific platform. Facebook is fundamentally about individual connections. Twitter functions like a worldwide cocktail party in which you can dip in and out of cliques and conversations. Instagram is all about photos and video postcards from your life–images of the moment. There’s plenty of crossover with likes, shares, retweets and comments, but each platform has a different core of how and when and why you interact with others. You need to engage with other users of a given platform based on codes and norms of that platform. But before you get to any of that, you have to tailor your own user profile each platform you use.

Your Instagram profile is more streamlined than your Facebook or Twitter profiles. You have your website link, you have your description, and you have your profile image. Then there’s the display of your photos.  

As with Facebook and Twitter your bio and profile image are important to representing yourself on the platform. Instagram’s bios are much shorter than the other two platforms. So, you need to make sure you’re succinct in your description. Keep it tight but interesting. Your profile image is going to appear small above all of your posts. So, make sure it’s something that is going to make an impression at a small size and stand out. It also appears at the top of your profile page, so it should be representative of your profile and what kind of content people will see, or your logo or brand. 

On Instagram more so than the other two platforms, your content takes precedence. You’re allowed just the one link in your profile, and you can’t put clickable links in your posts or in your bio. This may mean you’ll want to change your profile link on a regular basis, at least during a limited period. Or, you may want to leave it the same.

If you are a business with a Facebook page, you can convert your Instagram profile to a business profile and link it to your Facebook page. Once you’ve done that, you will have the option to include your company’s phone number, address, and email address on your Instagram profile as well.

Beyond all of that, it’s important to consider how your posts look when your profile is viewed. Does it look like a random selection of images, or is there a clear theme when one glances at them in a group? You want someone to see those scaled down versions of your posts and immediately have a sense of the kinds of things you post to Instagram. While what and how you post is vital to your other profiles it takes a bit more prominence with Instagram. Take note of how your posts appear in your profile and strive to create consistency to catch and draw in viewers.

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