The 4MileCircus Friday the 13th Show

If you’ve been following any of the 4MileCircus accounts on Social Media for the last month, you may have seen we’re throwing a little party tomorrow. If you haven’t, because for some unknowable reason you don’t follow our account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, maybe you should go do that and then come back. I’ll wait.

Now that you’re up to speed on that let me give you a little background on our little Friday the 13th Show on May 13th (that’s tomorrow if you’re reading this post on the day it was published). The first time Nicole and I spoke about a Friday the 13th screening it was a random musing about organizing something for my 10 minute VHS-horror parody short Beneath the Black Moon, which she produced with me last year. That film is centered around Friday the 13th as the day a group of witches need to sacrifice a virgin to start armageddon. We didn’t quite have our ducks in a row at the time so we didn’t rush to make it happen.

Fast-forward to early February of this year. Nicole and I had fully committed to partnering on 4MileCircus as a production and social media consulting company. We started discussing her film, Small Talk, which she wanted to release on VOD. February is Women in Horror Month, but as we didn’t want to rush, we chose not to try and make the release happen that month. We considered Halloween but that was too far out. Then, it occurred to us that Friday the 13th could also work. So, we looked up when the next one would be. In 2016 there is only one Friday the 13th and it’s May 13th.

So, we had a date for the Small Talk VOD release. A great date to release a horror-comedy on VOD (incidentally you can buy that film right here right now). Then, we remembered our earlier discussions about a Beneath the Black Moon Friday the 13th screening. That’s when we struck upon the idea of doing The 4MileCircus Friday the 13th Show. It’s a multi-faceted event. We’re screening some fun horror films, we’re promoting the VOD release of Small Talk (one of the films we’re screening), and we’re getting people together under the banner of our new company for a good time so they’ll remember us and our services. As things started coming together we had a lot of different ideas for what we could do with the event. Some we ultimately dismissed as not quite being on-brand for 4MileCircus but there were some other ideas that we’re keeping in our back pocket for the future. If our Friday the 13th Show is successful, you’ll be hearing about those other ideas soon.

That said, what are we doing for our Friday the 13th Show? Here’s a rundown of what to expect for the night:

  1. Screening three short horror comedies: Pink Eyeglasses, Beneath the Black Moon, and Small Talk
  2. Horror Movie/Friday the 13th Trivia with prizes including a signed and framed Small Talk poster, a Chris Cuffaro Greatest Hits Exhibition catalog, and a 13″ x 19″ fine-art quality print of one of the photos from the Chris Cuffaro Greatest Hits exhibition (you can vote on which one [Ice-T, Perry Farrell, or Michael Hutchence] through tonight)
  3. Drink Specials All Night: $4 Beer and Wine, $5 Well Drinks, and a $6 Beneath the Black Moon Virgin Sacrifice themed Cocktail
  4. A DJ set by Shawn Serato host of popular hip-hop podcast The Cipher
  5. and maybe a surprise or two? Who knows? It’s a surprise. You’re not supposed to know about surprises or they wouldn’t be surprises.

Please, join us at the show at The Local NYC 1302 44th Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101. The show starts at 8PM with trivia between the films and after the films Shawn will spin some tunes and we’ll be hanging out until the drink specials end and the bar closes at 2AM.

If you live far away and you can’t make it in person please like the aforementioned Facebook Page as we’ll be live streaming parts of the event there all night. We’ll also be sharing on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #4MCF13. So, check that out and let us know what you think so you can be a part of the fun no matter where you are.

If you’re planning to be at the event please make sure your smartphone is fully charged and your fingers are limber, because we want you to share on the aforementioned hashtag (#4MCF13) as much as you can manage!

Map to the show:

[google_map map_code=”!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3022.569736532537!2d-73.94995858492592!3d40.74949217932787!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x89c2592807ef0f75%3A0x7b694eff91b08696!2s13-02+44th+Ave%2C+Queens%2C+NY+11101!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1463076451820″]

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