4MileCircus Tips: Proofread

Every Tuesday 4MileCircus presents a new video tip with advice on how to approach social media, crowdfunding, and/or video production.

Social media moves pretty fast, but it’s still important to step back and think. One task for which you should always leave time is proofreading your posts.

rom a lengthy Facebook post to a single tweet, always take a minute before clicking “post” to check your work for errors. Typos aren’t great for breeding trust. If you can’t take the time or effort for this simple task, why should your potential customers and audience put their faith–let alone cash–in you and your project? You likely want to appear professional, and misspellings or wildly incorrect punctuation are anything but. Your social media posts are advertisements for your brand, so treat them as such. We’re often in a rush, but it doesn’t take much extra time to put your best face forward.

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