Sean’s Favorite Movies of 2017

I like movies. I go to movies. Here’s soame movies I liked in 2017.

  1. Thor: Ragnarok: Hulk. Jeff Goldblum. Cate Blanchett. Norse Mythology. This movie has it all and was genuinely delightful to watch from start to finish.
  2. Spider-Man: Homecoming: I’ve been reading Spider-Man since I learned to read and this is the best adaptation of the character. It was charming and Peter was very relatable. Michael Keaton did a great job as an antagonist you could sympathize with without really making apologies for him.
  3. Logan: The best X-Men movie, because it embraced consequences and didn’t waste time setting things up or saving things for the sequel. Also, Laura. More Laura please, thank you.
  4. Wonder Woman:  Imperfect but better than any of the other DC adaptations coming out. They got the character down right and the story highlighted the best parts of her well.
  5. The Lure: Surreal foreign mermaid horror musical.
  6. Get Out:  It’s not a comedy. It is a very smart horror movie with a lot to say about America.
  7. The Big Sick:  A charming romantic comedy with some really good performances.
  8. The Babysitter:  A fun straight to Netflix horror-comedy.
  9. Colossal: Nacho Vigalondo puts a great twist on the giant monster movie.
  10. Batman & Bill: A heartbreaking documentary about the, longtime uncredited, co-creator of Batman, Bill Finger, who died broke and alone.
  11. Lady Bird: My senior year of High School was 2000-2001, about 2 years before this movie takes place, but this movie feels in a lot of ways like just a window into that time for me. I didn’t really have the same experiences at all. It just felt really true to life to me in a way most High School movies just don’t. I related to it a lot without necessarily seeing literal parallels to my life. Almost didn’t make the list because it made me feel something about “Crash Into Me,” and I’m not okay with that.

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