The 4MileCircus Episode 34: Annie Rose Malamet (Part One)

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Annie Rose Malamet is a horror buff, interdisciplinary media artist, and DIY curator based in Brooklyn. On episode 34 of The Circus, she is kind enough to sit down with Sean and Nicole to discuss her work remixing found images and her shows “Fatter IRL” and “W4W”. We also talk a lot about Tatu’s “All The Things She Said” video and its original impact on a 13-year-old Annie, Annie’s love of reality television, how she uses Instagram to help curate exhibitions, and the lack of fat people and diversity in general in so much of the NYC art scene. We conclude with an eye-opening few rounds of Uncle Sean’s NewlyMet Game in which Annie and Nicole answer profoundly unfair questions about one another after having just met.

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Annie Rose Malamet
Annie Rose Malamet
IG: @FatGawth

Fatter IRL:
Tatu “All The Things She Said”:
Reality bites back – Jennifer Pozner:
Freaks Talk Back – Joshua Gamson:…/bo3637960.html
Junior High:
Faye Orlove:
Bop It:
Ms. 45:
I Spit On Your Grave:
I Spit On Your Grave the Remake:
Fat Girl:
How to stream movies (inc. Criterion collection) with NYPL card:…ovies-library-card

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