10 Shorts to Stream this Women in Horror Month #WiHM9

This Women in Horror Month we want to highlight some short films that you can stream right onto your device of choice right now! Shorts are a great format for exploring concepts (horrific or otherwise) that don’t quite warrant a full feature, or test concepts and drum up interest in those that might. Either way, you can see some excellent filmmaker even if you have just a few minutes to spare, and we have ten blood-chilling examples of the form right here that are all directed by women. For more Women in Horror Month-appropriate shorts available to watch at home, check our our posts from last year .

WiHM9 Blood Drive PSA – Sanguino

(Dir. Dayna Noffke)

WiHM9 Blood Drive – Be A Hero

(Dir. Vanessa Ionta Wright)

See more #WIHM9 blood drive PSA shorts as they’re released this month as well as those from years passed over at the Soska Sisters’ YouTube Channel.


Night of the Witch

(Dir. Zena S. Dixon)

An unsettling 5 minutes with a veteran suffering from nightmares that seem to bleed over into his waking life. Would love to see this expanded into a feature.

Watch it on Amazon Prime



(Dir. Monika Estrella Negra)

A dreamy mash-up short about destruction (self or otherwise) with a killer soundtrack. Brought to you by the awesome Audre’s Revenge Collective.

Watch the whole thing on Amazon Prime


Hipster Ghost

(Dir. Sophia Cacciola)

Every seemingly good deal on an apartment has a downside to deal with. Sometimes it’s a ukelele-strumming apparition named Madison.

You can also watch on Amazon Prime


Night In

(Dir. Christina Raia)

Christina Raia’s twist on a classic horror set up makes for a super fun 3 minutes. Shot by Small Talk DP Jeanette Sears!



(Dir. Kellee Terrell)

Real life horrors are the scariest part of this short family drama centering a black, working class father wrestling with a terrible secret about his MIT-bound son. This is a heavy one, but well worth seeing. Kellee Terrell previously directed the lesbian zombie love story Goodnight My Love and is definitely one to watch.


Out Of My Skin

(Dir. Nadine LEsperance)

Sometimes Calgon isn’t enough to take you away at the end of a long hard day…



(Dir. Jill Gervargizian)

A young girl makes a surprising discovery about grandma in this delightfully ghoulish quickie from the director of The Stylist.


Dawn of the Shuffle

(Dir. Caitlin Koller)

From the mind behind the excellent Blood Sisters comes this short doc about the annual zombie shuffle in Melbourne, Australia.



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