We Achieved a Goal! On Patreon!

So, last month we launched the brand new 4MileCircus Patreon and are thrilled to announce that we’ve achieved our initial goal of ten patrons! Whoo hoo!

To mark the occasion, we have released the music video Sean made for Late Cambrian’s song “Walk of Shame”, as featured in Meme! It’s very on-theme for Meme–it’s in the style of 1980s mall booth-produced music videos, and Sean ran the footage back and forth between two VCRs to achieve an authentically degraded VHS look:

This video is currently exclusively available to our Patreon supporters! If you can and haven’t yet, consider tossing us a couple bucks so you can check it out!

While we’re on Meme, it’s now available to all Patreon subscribers too, right on our page! We are adding our entire catalog of films to Patreon, it’s going to be the one stop shopping source for alllll things 4MC. Films we’ve already released for free (like “Rubber Ducky”) will all be shared via public posts that anyone can enjoy, like this one. Meme and other films that are currently otherwise behind paywalls will be subscriber-only. We are adding new content every week (or more often!) and the goal is to make everything we do available to our Patrons–usually early, often exclusively, and always at no additional cost. You can expect the bulk of our back catalog to be posted in the coming weeks, in addition to new films like our latest horror short, “It’s Normal”,  which is not available anywhere else!

We’ve got additional stuff for our $5 and $10 a month tier Patrons as well, like an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of “It’s Normal”, and “Modern Prometheus”, a very early film of Sean’s that is no longer streaming anywhere else. We have more exclusive content–both old and brand new–coming all the time.

We’re also planning some bigger projects…including some adventures in podcasting. Our next Patreon goal may have something to do with that…

Anyway, get in on the action now! You’ll be glad you did, and we will be so grateful to have you supporting us. You make everything we do possible.

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