The 4MileCircus Episode 16: Hye Yun Park (Part 1)

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Actor, director, and erotic clown Hye Yun Park sits down with Nicole and Sean to talk about her work. Topics include her web series Hey Yun, how she and Sean initially connected over Twitter, directing actors, the acting process, how it’s really not hard to hire women for film crews, our collective adoration for filmmaker Christina Raia, and Hye Yun’s upcoming web series BKPI. Nicole and Hye Yun delve into her short film Sumi and the intersection of English Second Language teaching over the phone and phone sex. We also address Hye Yun’s questions about Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. Nicole shares a social media tip about New Years’ Resolutions and we play “Favorite Things” which includes discussion of dream analysis, slug mating, Nicole’s new niece, Batman V Superman, Moonlight, and Hellevator.

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