Small Talk on Seed & Spark!

Big news! Our short horror film Small Talk is now distributed by Seed & Spark!

Seed & Spark is a crowdfunding and distribution platform dedicated to increasing representation of marginalized voices in film, supporting up-and-coming filmmakers, and making truly indie film financing, production, and distribution sustainable. You can stream Seed & Spark’s entire library of bold indie features, shorts, and series with a subscription and–here’s the kicker–they’re currently offering three months totally free, no strings attached! So you can try it out and see what you think, risk-free. Download their brand new, free app to watch on Roku or Apple TV.

In addition to Small Talk, our recommended Seed & Spark titles include Rachel Grace and Hye Yun Park’s very different phone-sex themed short, Sumi (which Hye Yun discussed with us on the 4MC podcast!),  Downtown, which explores other, um, private moments occurring in public, the relationship drama Cafe, Regular Cairo, and the pet-centric feature, Domestic.

Even if you don’t subscribe, it’d be great if you’d head over there, grab a free user account, and follow Nicole (and Sean, I guess. We’re both on there.) It helps us keep the lights on, in a round about kinda way.

Thank you for supporting us, Small Talk, and genuinely independent filmmaking!

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