The 4MileCircus Episode 37: Halloween Special 2017

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Happy Halloween! On this 37th episode, GoreMileCircus partners Sean and Nicole share films viewers should watch (and avoid) this spooky season. There’s plenty of time for terrifying digressions into why Sean believes  LL Cool J’s roles in Halloween H20 and Deep Blue Sea are “the best reflection of life in America,” Nicole’s strong feelings regarding American Horror Story: White Nonsense and the Little Shop of Horrors Director’s Cut, confusion regarding Chastity the vampire comic book vs  Chastity the vampire stand up comedian, how to start a Small Talk fight club, how True Detective ruined Sean’s script, our mutual affection for Paz De La Huerta, Nicole’s chastising of Sean for not having seen enough Jim Jarmusch or Phantasm movies [note: since this recording, Sean has seen ALL of the Phantasm movies], debating whether or not Trump is an effective cult leader, why they don’t make body switching comedies much anymore, and the urban legend that ruined Halloween. We conclude with a raucous, impromptu game of Little Shop of Horrors trivia.

For perfect Halloween viewing, may we suggest 4MileCircus’s own Small Talk? 23 minutes of terrifying fun that critics call things like “unique,” “funny,” and “one of the best horror films ever made.” Decide for yourself on Amazon, Seed&Spark or Vimeo OTT:

Catch us at the Ax Wound Film Festival November 17-18, 2017, where we will be screening our short film Mare and leading a panel discussion on cross/transmedia storytelling and making ancillary content work 4 u:

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