The 4MileCircus Episode 12: Heidi Moore

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In our twelfth episode, 4MileCircus partners Sean Mannion and Nicole Solomon talk with filmmaker Heidi Moore (Dolly Deadly) at the 2nd Annual Ax Wound Film Festival in Brattleboro, VT. We discuss Heidi’s film Dolly Deadly, her experience crowdfunding for the film, and what it’s like spending all day on social media. Nicole shares a post-election social media tip about prioritizing self care. Also, Games! Plus Nicole and Heidi also discuss the 80s kids show Out of the World (though Nicole actually meant to bring up the 80s kids show Out of Control, leading to slight confusion. Whatever. Both are important).

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Heidi Moore
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Dolly Deadly
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Sean Mannion
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Ax Wound Film Festival
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Dolly Deadly “Sweet Mommy Juice” Cherry Sour Tart Ale from Craft Beer Kings

Dolly Deadly “Kill Them All” Bath Bomb from Whiskey Mermaid Co

Out of this World

Out of Control

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