Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: One For The Road

Way back in November of 2015, I (Nicole) attended the legendary first-ever Ax Wound Film Festival in Brattleboro, VT. I saw many wonderful short horror films there, and met many fabulous people, including Kristina Leath-Malin who was there to talk about her documentary, My Final Girl, which looks at the black women of 70s/80s horror blaxploitation films (another cool project you should check out). After the fest as a bunch of us enjoyed adult beverages at a local bar, Kristina told me about her plan to adopt “One For The Road”, one of Stephen King’s “dollar babies”, into a short film. I was struck by her passion and intrigued by her ideas and I just really, really want to see her take on this vampire tale.

So that’s why I backed her Indiegogo campaign to get this thing into production, and I invite you to join me! Learn more about Kristina, her plans for the film, and the cool rewards you can get for backing over at her Indiegogo page. Every dollar helps, and if you don’t have one to spare, spreading the word is invaluable.

Hoping to see this on the big screen at next year’s Ax Wound!


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