New Bonus Feature: Small Talk Commentary from Writer/Director Nicole Solomon

Happy October, everybody! We’re counting down the days until Halloween by celebrating all things horrific and sharing some special seasonal surprises with you ghouls. We’ve been running reflections on the making of 4MC release Small Talk by cast and crew (actors Jean Grae and Edward Sacco and cinematographer Jeanette Sears so far, with MORE TO COME!).

We just dropped a brand new bonus feature for everyone who buys the Deluxe download of the film: commentary by writer/director Nicole Witte Solomon. Yep, that’s me. So if you feel like watching Small Talk again with me hovering creepily over your shoulder, sharing little production anecdotes, complaints, and questionable “jokes,” this is the bonus feature for you! What do I regret? Which scenes did others want cut? How’d we get that shot? Why in g-d’s name did we do any of this? Find out all that and so much more in the brand new commentary, available exclusively with the (very reasonably priced!) deluxe edition which you can buy right here.

Tell your friends. Spread the horror. Support the little feminist phone sex horror comedy that could and help us keep making the kinds of movies that delight a few and disgust a few more.

More surprises coming this month, especially for VIPs who buy the deluxe edition. Lips zipped on that for now, though.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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