Podcast of the Week: Imogen Watches Classic Films

My current favorite podcast is Imogen Watches Classic Films. The premise is that Celebrity Author Imogen Binnie  (who wrote the novel Nevada, which I very much liked) drives around post-apocalyptic Los Angeles discussing classic films she has recently watched. Occasionally she runs across another replicant She talks about some of my own childhood favorites such Howard the Duck and Ed Wood, movies I had already wanted to revisit with adult eyes. as well as more recent films like The Neon Demon and Jem and the Holograms. She also brings films to my attention that I’d somehow missed, like the Frankie and Annette throwback Back to the Beach. Imogen’s takes on classic film series such as Sleepaway Camp and Robocop are absolutely indispensable. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone who likes watching and thinking about films.

Listen to the latest episode: Imogen watches the classic 2016 film Dr. Strange.

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