Small Talk with Jeremy Bobb (Fern Jennings)

This October leading up to Halloween, we at 4MileCircus are revisiting the production of Small Talk. We will be adding new special features to the deluxe edition and running a series of reflections here on the blog from writer/director Nicole Witte Solomon and others who made this oddly enduring horror flick.

Today we bring you a Q&A with acclaimed actor Jeremy Bobb, who brought doomed Westchester resident Fern Jennings to disturbing life. You may know Jeremy from his recent turns on a few little shows like House of Cards, The Knick, and Mr. Robot. He was kind enough to take time not only to voice creepazoid Fern, but to answer our questions about the experience!

Who are you, and how would you describe your role in Small Talk?
I’m Jeremy Bobb. I played Fern Jennings. An isolated character and one, to everyone’s benefit, that never appears on screen. A sexual deviant who loses his temper with the phone sex operator.

Fern Jennings not appearing onscreen while talking to Al (Manini Gupta)

Do you have a main memory of making Small Talk? Either a specific moment, an overall impression…
I recall that the recording location was as creepy as the content of the scene. I think it was in the back of a church? [ED: It was ye olde Shepard Hall at CCNY, close enough!]

What’s your favorite phone sex and/or horror movie?
Mmmmm… The Muppets?

What are you up to right now?
I’m in the middle of filming on Godless… a western for Netflix.


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