The 4MileCircus Episode 14: Chris Cuffaro (Part 2)

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From George Harrison to Ice Cube, photographer Chris Cuffaro has shot them all. In our fourteenth episode, Chris talks to Nicole and Sean about his Greatest Hits Project, which reflects on his storied and celebrated career. Chris also discusses “old school crowdfunding” to make the original music video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”, the importance of surrounding yourself with the best people in order to produce the best work, and the peacemaker role he played between Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder. We also weigh in on evolving band line-ups from Van Halen / Van Hagar to the re-united Guns ’n’ Roses. Our social media tip concerns the importance of prioritizing social media platforms rather than spreading yourself too thin. We also share our first concerts, including Return to Forever, Aerosmith, and Debbie Gibson.
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Chris Cuffaro
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Greatest Hits
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Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”
Chris’ version:
Comparison Video:

First Concert
Clips from the documentary:
Sean’s first concert:

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