The 4MileCircus Episode 8: Louisa Solomon and Eli Oberman of The Shondes (Part 2)

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In our eighth episode, 4MileCircus partners Sean Mannion and Nicole Solomon bring you part two of our talk with Louisa Solomon and Elijah Oberman of independent rock band The Shondes. This time we focus on crowdfunding for their tour van and European tour–what worked, what didn’t, and lessons learned. How can audience perception of “success” undermine a band’s ability to raise needed funds, and what does it mean to “succeed” as an artist, anyway? How does or doesn’t it relate to financial stability? And what’s the deal with Patreon? We get into all that and more! Sean also offers a tip on consistency in social media posting, and everyone tries to guess which song Sean misheard as “What a man, what a man. Rock a party like nobody can.” The Shondes’ new LP Brighton was released September 16 on Exotic Fever Records.

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Real Artists Have Day Jobs by Sarah Benincasa

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