Tip Tuesday: Ask For Help

The DIY element is a big part of what attracts many independent artists to social media as a means of audience building and promotion, but you can’t always go it alone. If you’re implementing all the best practices you know and still not growing as quickly as you’d like or getting the level of enthusiastic interaction you need, it may be time to ask for help.

There are many kinds of help available in the social media sphere, both for free and for pay.

One way to juice your social media engagement stats and get your content in front of fresh eyes without spending a cent is to simply team up with your friends. Contact a few of your peers (preferably ones reaching audiences who may also be interested in your projects) and directly ask them to get in the habit of liking and sharing all, many, or at least some of your posts. Make it A Thing, give your mutual aid oriented social promo team a name, set guidelines, and (nicely!) nudge each other to follow them. If there’s a post you especially want your friends to like/comment on/share, be sure to tell them that when you post it. Return the favor as well! A rising tide lifts all ships, or something. You all will benefit from habitual sharing–your own content will get more faves, comments, and shares, be seen more widely, and you’ll have an automatic source of new content to share. It’s an easy win/win.

You also may want to pay to boost your posts on Facebook, Instagram or twitter. I wouldn’t suggest sinking a ton of money into this, at least to start, but if you’re hitting a wall in terms of reaching your target audience, you might want to play around with $5 or so in sponsored posts, keeping track of what gets the reaction you need.

And finally, there are *cough* social media professionals like your friends right here at 4MileCircus who offer specialized services at a range of price points to meet your specific needs. From growing followers to helping plan successful campaigns to taking the reigns and running your accounts for you for a bit, we’ve got you covered. Contact us about your particular goals and we’ll send you a free quote.

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