4MileCircus Tips: Add an Image

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This week: Add an Image

A picture is worth a thousand words, and That concept is extra relevant when you’re on twitter dealing with 140 character maximums.
A simple social media rule of thumb: if you can add an image, do it.

Posts with image attached tend to get more engagement. Pictures catch the eye and encourage the reader to click your post to see the full image or images. Images can also enhance your post by conveying more information or emotion than text alone.

On facebook in particular, images juice your posts within their algorithm, which favors posts that feature native content…aka anything uploaded to Facebook itself.

Point being, if you’re going to be using these platforms, use them to their best advantage. Get in the habit of adding images to your posts, it will only help your social media game.

For more on this topic visit: http://www.4milecircus.com/2016/add-a-photo-or-video-or-something/

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