4MileCircus Tips: Instagram Bio Optimization

Every Tuesday 4MileCircus presents a new video tip with advice on how to approach social media, crowdfunding, and/or video production.

Social media profiles are like business cards–they should accurately and favorably represent you. Instagram profiles are more streamlined than on Facebook or Twitter.

Your bio is key to effectively representing yourself. Instagram’s bios are short, so keep it tight but interesting. Your profile image is going to appear small above all of your posts, so make sure it represents you clearly and compellingly at that size.

On Instagram, you cannot put clickable links in your posts or bio, and you’re only allowed one hyperlink on your profile. Because of this scarcity, you may want to change that link more frequently than you would other platforms, to direct people to whichever secondary destination is most important at any given time.

For more on this topic visit: http://www.4milecircus.com/2016/is-your-instagram-profile-optimized/

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