The 4MileCircus Episode 23: Shawn Setaro (Part 2)

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Shawn “Other Shawn” Setaro is the host of acclaimed hip hop podcast The Cipher, a prolific journalist for Forbes and Complex among other publications, and a long-time musician. In the conclusion of our two part conversation, Sean and Nicole talk with him about using Patreon: from wtf it even is and how it works to planning patron incentives, effectively promoting the thing, and why Shawn still doesn’t have a video up on his page. We discuss The Cipher’s stance on sponsorship, as well as how being a white guy doing a podcast about a black art form affects his thoughts on monetization. Shawn also talks about what it’s like being a key support person for someone else who is crowdfunding, how he gets work as a music writer, the importance of doing your research, and The Cipher’s newish no-blunt-smoking-on-the-air policy.

Sean “Original Sean” Mannion shares a crowdfunding (and life!) tip about using parties to build and maintain enthusiasm among supporters, and we all play a rousing round of “name that Shawn/Sean (and, of course, vigorously debate what the “correct” spelling is.)


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Shawn talks to Pusha T (for Forbes): https://www.forbes.com/sites/shawnsetaro/2015/12/18/pusha-t-talks-his-new-album-and-everything-g-o-o-d/#59f729eb3d97

Shawn’s Thrillest article (Can You Treat PTSD…With Hip Hop?) https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/can-you-treat-ptsd-with-hip-hop

Shawn’s article for the Sondheim Review: https://www.questia.com/magazine/1P3-2871438611/wordplay

Stuff Shawn wrote on behalf of his former employer for The Source (Pharoahe Monch’s PTSD ep): http://thesource.com/2012/10/05/rap-genius-the-source-preview-pharoahe-monchs-ptsd-ep/

Stuff Shawn wrote on behalf of his former employer for GQ (top 10 rap verses of 2012) http://www.gq.com/gallery/rap-genius-best-rap-verses-2012

Shawn’s sound alikes article for Cuepoint: https://medium.com/cuepoint/soundalike-songs-are-a-two-faced-business-f44ca9678bef

Shawn’s Forbes story about Soulja Boy: https://www.forbes.com/sites/shawnsetaro/2016/05/22/why-soulja-boys-400-million-deal-is-very-suspicious/#1f974b015060

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