Friday the 13th with Ax Wound Recap

Contents of one of the trick or treat bag door prizes enjoyed by our first 13 lucky guests!

On Friday the 13th, 4MileCircus invaded the Stone Creek bar in NYC for a party benefitting the ah-mazing Ax Wound Film Festival. We played the Ax Wound Mix Tape Vol. 1 which features some short film highlights from the first two years of the festival, as well as some miscellaneous weirdo faves on VHS (ReAnimator! Star Wars Holiday Special!)

Karaoke Roulette winner Noah slaying “Hellraiser” as Sean beams with pride.

We also played games like Friday the 13th trivia, The NewlyMet Game (think Newlywed game but with two strangers who have never met before and suddenly have to answer random ass questions about one another they couldn’t possibly know the answers to), and Karaoke Roulette, a cruel spin on classic karaoke in which you volunteer to sing not knowing which song you’re gonna get. All songs were from or inspired by horror movies, natch.

Christina Raia (Congested Cat) and Ashlee Blackwell (Graveyard Shift Sisters) humoring Nicole.


Prizes were won, friends were made, and we raised some money to help fund Ax Wound this year. Perhaps most important of all, Friday the 13th was observed in a properly respectful manner. We plan to observe again when Friday the 13th next rolls around in 2018. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list  to get an invitation.

Yessica Curiel Montoya and Christina Raia enjoying their door prizes.

Ax Wound is a crucial hub of our horror community. Each November in Brattleboro VT, founder Hannah Neurotica (editor of Ax Wound Zine and founder of Women in Horror Month) screens a selection of amazing horror films by women and hosts a range of workshops and panel discussions. It’s a wonderful place to see some inspiring scary movies and meet amazing people.

To support Ax Wound, buy the Mix Tape on limited edition VHS from our friends at Magnetic Magic!

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