The 4MileCircus Episode 36: Ashlee Blackwell

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Ashlee Blackwell is a writer and the creator of the indispensable Graveyard Shift Sisters, a website dedicated to “purging the black female horror fan from the margins.” On episode 36 of The 4MileCircus, Ashlee talk to Nicole and Sean about how the site has evolved over the past five years and the community that has developed around it, using Patreon effectively when it’s hard to ask for money, why she (mostly) likes twitter and thinks Facebook looks like Jack Nicholson’s typewriter in The Shining, the 31 Days of Black women in horror challenge, the joys of both great and terrible horror flicks, meeting Toy Newkirk (ANOES 4) and what makes horror conventions so special. We conclude with (what else?) a thrilling game of “Graveyard Shift Trivia.”

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