Nicole’s Recommended Holiday Viewing

Here is some seasonal content that I recommend.

Lemme know if you have any good NON-XMAS December holiday content to recommend as pickin’s are slim. I’m not going to watch that Adam Sandler Chanukah movie to make sure it’s not a thing I like.

Here’s my grudgingly Xtian-centric list for 2017.

All Beverly Hills, 9010 Xmas episodes but especiallyIt’s a Totally Happening Life

I just…you have to see this one to believe it. 90210 breaks the rules of its own universe and pays homage to It’s a Wonderful Life by inexplicably setting up The Gang for an Xmas miracle (that bizarrely no one notices even though it involves a truck and a full school bus breaking basically all the rules of physics in broad daylight in front of many, many witnesses) and also the whole story is told by blinking star Xmas angels. I love it and can watch it again and again.

Bojack Horseman “Sabrina’s Christmas Wish”

One of my more recent favorite shows has a very excellent Christmas special, too. Bojack and Todd spend a depressing holiday watching a Horsin’ Around Xmas ep and they get into it.  The heartwarming climax of the Xmas-show-within-an-Xmas-show?“I’m glad your parents are dead and are never coming back.” Good ep for Sabrina/Kristen Shaal fans.


It’s a Christmas movie! Just look at the trailer! It is as much as Die Hard is.

“Amends” – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It’s the Christmas miracle episode of Buffy and it makes me feel feelings.


OK so I can’t exactly recommend this, because I haven’t actually seen it. I’ve been meaning to watch this much-lauded example of New French Extremism for years and just learned that  it takes place on Christmas. Perhaps you’d like to join me in creating a new holiday tradition?

Probably not, though, as most people I know who’ve seen it have chosen to never do so again. I hear it’s pretty upsetting and hard to watch, moreso than some of its NFE peers, so please be warned. The protagonist is a very pregnant woman facing off against someone who wants to take the fetus so…pretty much all the trigger warnings on this thing. Proceed with appropriate caution!

Jingle Bell Rocks

This documentary about Xmas music connoisseurs and some of the more unusual musical gems they treasure is a jolly good time.

Jack Frost (the Michael Keaton one)

This is not a remotely good film by any stretch of the imagination. Nor is it a fun, guilty pleasure. It’s more of a masochistic endurance test that may be worth taking, if only because it’s so much more fucked up than you think it’s gonna be. Henry Rollins in a supporting role, natch.

Trading Places

Congratulations if you remembered that this is totally a Christmas movie.


Life With Jeannie – “My First Baby Jesus”

The first episode of Jean Grae’s sitcom is also a holiday special!

Beat Street

You know what else is unexpectedly a Christmas movie? Fucking BEAT STREET. You’re Welcome.

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