The 4MileCircus Episode 28: Hannah Neurotica (Part 1)

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From the celebrated and historic Ax Wound zine to Women in Horror Month to the more recent Ax Wound Film Festival, Hannah Neurotica is a key figure in the thriving feminist horror community and a lovely human being whom we have the pleasure of interviewing for our 28th trip to The Circus. Hannah talks with Nicole and Sean about how Ax Wound–the first feminist horror zine–was born out of riot grrrl and punk rock feminism, the oft-hostile world of online horror fandom, life on Livejournal, the importance of zine distros, why she started Women in Horror Month and the crucial role of social media in making it successful, the difference between healthy and unhealthy professional competition among women, how she put together the first Ax Wound Film Festival and what to expect for year three, the Ax Wound VHS Mixtape, and how Nicole and Hannah first (virtually) met! It involves an as-yet unproduced phone sex horror short that is not Small Talk. We also play a terrifying round of Uncle Sean’s Women in Horror Trivia.


Hannah Neurotica
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Twitter: @WihMonth & @axwoundfilmfest

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Sean Mannion
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Nicole Solomon
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