The 4MileCircus Episode 29: Hannah Neurotica (Part 2)

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Hannah Neurotica is the mastermind behind Ax Wound zine, Women in Horror Month, the Ax Wound Film Festival and so many more deliciously horrific projects. In the second half of our conversation with her (and our 29th trip to The Circus), we talk to Hannah about writing and directing her own films, online misogyny, the Soska sisters’ blood drive, her own upcoming feminist dystopian horror film, living in dystopia, Facebook-induced panic attacks, making augmented reality sea creature videos, why Snapchat is actually awesome, what Hannah loves about social media marketing, why Hannah thinks paper zines will make a comeback as a safer place to communicate in politically fraught times, safety and Facebook’s “real name” policy, the brand new Women in Horror Month message board, and how everything old is coming back. We also play a nail-biting round of Uncle Sean’s Elias Koteas trivia.

Hannah Neurotica
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