The 4MileCircus Episode 32: Jeanette Sears (Part 2)

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Pop open a La Croix and tune in to the stunning conclusion of our 2-part interview with cinematographer Jeanette Sears! We discuss crewing on films in various roles, The difference between a tuba and a sousaphone (Jeanette plays both!), being director of cinematography on films like Ryan Kramer’s Arm Bar, Christina Raia’s Night In, and Sean’s own Beneath the Black Moon, editing video for Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, working as a wedding videographer and generally finding film work, and how Jeanette got into filmmaking in the first place. We also discuss our preferred zombie film sub-genres, debate which Nightmare on Elm Street film featured a return Johnny Depp cameo for way too long (it’s #6), and play a rousing game of Uncle Sean’s Geoff Trivia, in honor of Jeanette’s dog.

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Jeanette Sears
Snapchat: jeanettesears

Big Apple Lesbian and Gay Corps:
Arm Bar:
Ryan Kramer:
Christina Raia:
Night In:
Myles Tyrer-Vassel:
The Girl With All The Gifts:
George Romero:
Return of the Living Dead:
28 Weeks Later:
Beneath the Black Moon:
4MileCircus Grindhouse Double Feature:
Magnetic Magic Rentals:
Levi Wilson and Lisa Hammer:
Ginny Liese (with SJ Son):
Astrea Lesbian Foundation For Justice:
Johnny Depp’s cameo in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare:
Jeanette’s dog on IG:


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