Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: 50th & 4th – 2018 Frigid Festival

Our Crowdfunding Pick of the Week this go-round isn’t a film or film-related project. This time we’re sharing a play, 50th & 4th.

The campaign page describes the play thusly: “50th & 4th is a thank you note and an apology letter to New York City and the people who care about you here. In the play, Rick and Sue, an older married couple in Brooklyn, rent out the spare bedroom in their apartment.” The campaign is raising money to pay cast and crew.

Other than being able to relate to sharing an apartment in New York City and the issues surrounding roommates in general, we wanted to share this play with you because it’s being directed by one of our collaborators: Tara Cioletti. Tara’s a wonderful actress we’ve been fortunate enough to work with on several projects including Abel and Cain, Time Signature, Meme, and the upcoming Rubber Ducky. She’s got a lot of experience with the stage and we’re thrilled that she’s directing this.

The campaign ends 11:15AM on Saturday January 13th 2018. As of the writing of this post they are very close to their goal, help them achieve it and be a part of the project! Contribute on Kickstarter

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