The 4MileCircus Episode 41: Lindsay and Manny Serrano

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Horror filmmakers Lindsay and Manny Serrano of Mass Grave Pictures join us for our 41st trip to the circus and discuss their movies Beneath, Theta States, Blood Slaughter Massacre. Lindsay and Manny also discuss their experiences working with distributors versus self-distribution, share tips on recreating the 1980s as authentically as possible onscreen, and reminisce about the very first horror scene they shot together, including grisly details about how they did the gory DIY effects and why they never worked with some of the cast/crew again. We conclude with a warming round of Uncle Sean’s Snow Trivia.

Be sure to check out Lindsay and Manny’s own podcast, Filmmaking Sucks, which will soon feature Sean and Nicole talking about the ins and outs of social media for filmmakers! For more of Lindsay, listen to episode 38 of this podcast which was recorded live at the Ax Wound Film Festival and features a filmmaker panel of Lindsey, Christina Raia and Monika Estrella Negra.

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