Scheduling: Because You Have A Life

While some of us [*cough!*] may sometimes be known to hang out on twitter all day rather than talking to other people face to face, using our actual voices, most of us have neither the time or inclination to spend every hour skipping from platform to platform, dropping bon mots, helpful links, and dank memes all the live-long day in an effort to maintain a consistent stream of content while building an engaged audience.

So what do the quiet majority of us do to stay everywhere in the manner most social media specialists recommend without spending every second online?

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.

Get yourself hootsuite, tweetdeck, or your client of choice for twitter. You can use Facebook’s own scheduling tool. For Instagram you’re straight outta luck (for now, at least), but those other two time-sucking major platforms will accept as many scheduled posts as you can queue up, which can save you tons of time and free you up to pursue your other interests.

Of course you’re still going to want to check in regularly to respond to comments and post more time-sensitive material, but a month or more’s worth of “evergreen” content (content that stays fresh and relevant for a longer window of time than an of-the-moment hashtag or news story) can be chosen and scheduled in one sitting, far in advance. Take advantage of that blessing and book yourself up with months of sweet, consistent content so you can forget about it for half a day without dropping off the face of the twitterverse.

Need help figuring out what kinds of quality evergreen content you should be queuing, or how to do that, even? Hit us up, we can help.

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