The 4MileCircus Episode 1: Christina Raia (Part 1)

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In our first episode, 4MileCircus partners Sean Mannion and Nicole Solomon sit down with filmmaker Christina Raia(Summit, Indieworks film series), to discuss social media and filmmaking. Part one of a four part interview. We also share a social media tip for anyone confused about how to use hashtags and Nicole, Sean, and Christina talk about a few of the things that they are enjoying right now such as Lady Dynamite, period dramas centered around women’s stories, and podcasts about decades-old television shows.

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Christina Raia:
Twitter: @Craia9
Instagram: @Craia9
Facebook: /CongestedCat

Nicole’s Podcasts:
The Blaze with Lizzie and Cat:
Again with This: Beverly Hills, 90210 Edition:

Join us next week when we talk to Christina about her experiences with social media and crowdfunding.

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