4MileCircus Tips: Facebook Page Optimization: Call to Action

Every Tuesday 4MileCircus presents a new video tip with advice on how to approach social media, crowdfunding, and/or video production.

Your facebook page is a place to represent your project in the best light. Take advantage of the platform’s features by optimizing it. Facebook pages allow you to share a lot of information, especially in their extensive “about” section. Here, though, we will focus on the most important elements, those that will make or break that first impression.

The call to action button allows page visitors to take an action of your choice with a single click. If you have a film, invite people to watch a trailer for it. If you’re selling something, link your online store. If you’re trying to drive traffic to a blog or podcast, link to that. You can also use it for mailing list sign ups or contact forms. Whatever is most important to your project right now should go here, and you can change the button as you need to.

For more on this topic visit: http://www.4milecircus.com/2016/is-your-facebook-page-optimized/

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