Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: Scarlet Sails

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Our Crowdfunding Pick of the Week is the upcoming debut LP Future From The Past by Scarlet Sails. Scarlet Sails describe their sound as “Queen, Alice Cooper, P-Funk and Radiohead stuck in an elevator,” which may be correct. I think of front woman Olya Viglione’s smoky vocals and haunting, rockin’ piano crashing backed by superlative percussionist Brian Viglione (Violent Femmes, Dresden Dolls, and *cough* the award-winning score to Small Talk which you can get right here) on drums, guitarist, Mark Kohut, and Jesse Krakow on bass. It’s a powerful sound, and it’s time for a full album of it.

Check out their pitch video and song clips on their project page, and toss them some money if you can!

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