4MileCircus Tips: Take a Break

Every Tuesday 4MileCircus presents a new video tip with advice on how to approach social media, crowdfunding, and/or video production.

Social media can be tiring when it’s part of your job and not just something you do for fun. That exhaustion can hurt you as time goes on. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll get lazy. You’ll want to quit it all entirely. Don’t get to that point. Take a break from social media from time to time.

How does one take a break from what seems like an omnipresent aspect of life? Start by shutting off your access to it for at least a day.That’s one whole 24 hour period. Turn off notifications for apps on your phone, or better yet, remove apps from your phone or at least sign out for the day. Avoid going to social media websites. If possible, just leave your laptop closed for the day.

Remember, if you have scheduled social media posts in advance, you can take a break without going silent entirely.

Walk away and let yourself breathe. Social media will be there when you get back, and you’ll have allowed your enthusiasm to recharge.

For more on this topic visit: http://www.4milecircus.com/2016/take-a-break/

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