The 4MileCircus Episode 22: Shawn Setaro (Part 1)

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Shawn Setaro is the host of the acclaimed hip hop podcast The Cipher as well as a prolific music journalist for Forbes and Complex, an award-winning composer, and seasoned professional bass and guitar player. In Part One of a two part interview, Nicole and Sean talk with “other Shawn” about making the shift from being primarily a musician to music journalist, using social media to build audiences for his writing and podcast (and how that differs from using it as a working musician), finding your social media “voice”, boosting posts effectively on Facebook, hashtagging efficiently on Instagram, coming up with content for posts when you’re out of ideas, getting interview subjects to spread the word, the importance of networking in meatspace, cultivating super fans, and much, much more.

Sean also shares a social media tip about exclusive time bound content such as Snapchat and Instagram Live, and we all discuss our current favorite things including I Am Not Your Negro and James Baldwin’s work in general, New Girl, drinking to forget, and a fabulous New York Times article from back in February about how Trump doesn’t know wtf is going on and his staff literally can’t even find the light switches in the White House.

Next up: We talk more to Shawn about using Patreon and making your work sustainable, financially and otherwise.

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Shawn’s article for the Sondheim Review:

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4MC interview with Hye Yun Park:

4MC interview with The Shondes (re: IG Stories):


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NY Times Article “Trump And Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles”:
New Girl:
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James Baldwin:
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