The 4MileCircus Episode 24: Late Cambrian (Part 1)

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     Late Cambrian’s John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui sit down for the first of a two part conversation about making it work as an indie rock band. From meeting as background actors on Nurse Jackie through snagging reviews for their current LP, Golden Time, Olive and John take us through building and promoting a band. […]

Crowdfunding Pick of the Week

Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: Scarlet Sails

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Our Crowdfunding Pick of the Week is the upcoming debut LP Future From The Past by Scarlet Sails. Scarlet Sails describe their sound as “Queen, Alice Cooper, P-Funk and Radiohead stuck in an elevator,” which may be correct. I think of front woman Olya Viglione’s smoky vocals and haunting, rockin’ piano crashing backed by superlative percussionist Brian Viglione (Violent […]