Podcast of the Week: Switchblade Sisters

Presumably named for the ’70s girl gang exploitation flick, Switchblade Sisters is a delightful new podcast from Maximum Fun on which women talk about genre films. Each episode features host April Wolfe (who was also a film critic at LA Weekly until last week’s brutal staff layoffs following the paper’s purchase by Semanal Media,) in conversation with a guest about the movie of her choice.

The episode that hooked us was the always-refreshing Heather Matarazzo discussing Karyn Kusama’s brilliant gem of slow-building dread The Invitation, but every conversation the podcast has facilitated is well worthwhile. Kusama herself has appeared to discuss Near Dark, and the most recent episode features Issa Lopez talking about Pan’s Labyrinth, so this is really the kinda thing to which you’ll want to subscribe.

Learn more, listen, and subscribe to Switchblade Sisters right here.

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