The 4MileCircus Episode 42: Kristina Leath-Malin

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Filmmaker and horror academic Kristina Leath Malin joins us for our 42nd trip to The Circus! Topics discussed include Kristina hosting screenings of Pam Grier’s Coffy and other cult classics; making One For The Road which is one of Stephen King’s “dollar babies”; her nonfiction work on My Final Girl which focuses on black women in 70s horror; differences between how black and white women are presented in scary movies; partnering with local organizations like BRIC; and we all play an educational round of Uncle Sean’s Turbo Teen Trivia, which somehow was in honor of Superbowl Sunday, the day on which this was recorded.

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Note: this interview was recorded before certain disturbing news about the Alamo Drafthouse broke:

Kristina Leath-Malin
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Women in Horror Month:
Ax Wound Film Festival:
Alka Khushalani:
Jennifer’s Body:
10 Films to Stream this Women in Horror Month:
One For the Road:
Stephen King Dollar Babies:
The Book of the Dead:
Men, Women and Chainsaws:
Turbo Teen Transformation Supercut:

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